Surface mounted radiator is the warmest care for the family

All of us want to make the decoration of our home perfect. Of course, heating is indispensable. But what can we do for the old house (which has been decorated) that they have already moved in (which has already been decorated) that they do not want to build new buildings and renovate, but also want to enjoy the comfortable and energy-saving heating effect? Can they only do it in a hurry? Empty envy? "Open heating" came into being, specially for the houses that have been decorated, to solve problems for the owners and provide comfortable life.

No.1 what is surface mounted radiator?

Surface mounted radiator means that the heating pipe is exposed to the wall, ceiling and other places without burying the pipe, and then it is decorated through the open pipe slot. So as to achieve a kind of radiator installation technology that is not only beautiful, but also avoids slotting on the wall, damaging the ground and floor.

No.2 when is the surface mounted radiator installed?

Many owners must wait until the weather is cold or even snowy before they think of installing heating. But at this time, it's usually the peak time of open heating, and they need to wait for a list. Some owners even have to wait in line for a month without being able to get on their own. So we suggest that you choose a reliable heating and ventilation company for installation in autumn!

No.3 advantages of installing surface mounted radiator?

Advantage  1: getting up is no longer difficult

Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder, the world outside the quilt is cold, it's hard to get up in the morning, and it's common to be late. The radiator is ready to use immediately. It warms up quickly. There is no need to wait for preheating and efficient heating. Turn on the radiator with the heating temperature set in advance to make getting up no longer difficult.

Advantage 2: the elderly can live a cold winter at ease

The resistance of the old people is decreased and they are not hardy to cold, and the body is easy to cause discomfort in cold weather. And the elderly are more sensitive to temperature. The temperature of traditional heating mode changes from high to low, which may cause a cold. Compared with the direct air-conditioning heating method, the human body feels more comfortable, no sense of blowing, and the heating is not dry. When the radiator is used for heating, the indoor temperature is controlled between 18-22 ℃, and there will be no obvious temperature change when maintaining the constant temperature. It is very suitable for the elderly to warm in winter.

Advantage 3: Children's homework is not frozen

In winter, it's too cold at home, freezing hands and feet. Children have another reason not to do homework. Learning has become a matter of testing willpower. The high-efficiency heating of the radiator creates a favorable learning environment for children, so that children can pay more attention to learning in the warm room.

Advantage 4: don't worry about the laundry

The outdoor temperature is too low. After washing clothes in winter and airing them for a long time, they can't be dried completely. The clothes can't be dried for a long time and the airing poles are all hung up. The heating temperature of the radiator is moderate. It can be used to dry clothes when there is no sun or rain or snow. Put the wet clothes and towels on the radiator. It has the double effect of drying clothes and humidifying the room, but also pay attention to hygiene. The time for use should not be too long.

No.4 is the installation of surface mounted radiator complicated?

Is the installation complex? Can the old house be installed? The answer is yes. In the form of open installation of radiators, the pipes are exposed, and the pipes are concealed along the door frame and skirting line. The old house can also be installed. The installation cycle of surface mounted radiator is short, and the general house type can be completed in 2-3 days. Due to the short construction time, only in a small range of construction, will not affect the normal life of users.