What are the advantages of radiator heating?

There are many ways of heating in winter. Why use a radiator for heating? What are the advantages of heating with radiators? Today I'll tell you about the advantages of heating in winter.

01 comfortable and healthy heating mode

After heating with radiator, the indoor heating temperature can be controlled between 18-22 ℃, and the human body feels comfortable. The radiator's heat dissipation mode is radiation and convection. Compared with the direct air-conditioning heating mode, the human body feels more comfortable and convenient to use. It can adjust the temperature freely, without the sense of blowing, with high comfort. The heating system is not dry, and it also provides domestic hot water. Too much use of electric heating will dry up the fire, the radiator is water circulation heating, will not lead to dry up the fire.

02 fast heating

When you open the heating equipment when you enter the house, you can feel the warmth in a very short time. This is the effective heating. The surface mounted radiator just caters to the current demand of people. The heating speed of the surface mounted radiator is very fast. Good quality radiators start to radiate heat in less than 10 minutes and reach the preset temperature in half an hour.

03 ready to use

No matter for office workers or users who are often away from home, as long as they need heating from the radiator when entering the house, they can turn on the switch directly, without waiting for preheating like many heating equipment. Open mounted radiator can be used directly without waiting, which is very time-saving. On this basis, they can also independently control the heating temperature and heating time of each room It can also be set freely.

04 no requirements for ground materials

The surface mounted radiator has no requirements for the floor materials in the house, so the user does not need to worry about whether the floor materials in the home conform to the installation of the surface mounted radiator at all, whether it is the solid wood floor, composite floor, ceramic tile, marble floor, whether the wall surface is pasted with wallpaper or solid wood, these will not affect the floor in the home.

05 easy to install

The installation of surface mounted radiators will not damage the original decoration and pattern. The installation after the completion of decoration saves many users' concerns and troubles. At the same time, the installation does not need to take a few days, only two to three days to complete the installation and commissioning.

06 simple and beautiful

With the continuous upgrading of surface mounted radiator products and technologies, the radiators in the market are becoming more and more beautiful. Some radiators are designed like a work of art. Being placed at home can not only greatly play their heating effect, but also greatly increase the aesthetic feeling in the room, and add more scores to the decoration of the house.

07 more energy saving and safety

Hot water flows in the surface mounted radiator system. Even if it is adjusted to a high temperature, as long as it is not always grasped, it will not burn people. Compared with electric products such as electric blanket, electric heater, air conditioner, etc., it has high cost performance and no leakage risk. The use cost of the same heating radiator is about 35% lower than that of the air conditioner.