How to install the surface mounted radiator?

What is surface mounted heating?

Open installation mainly refers to the exposed heating water supply pipe and return pipe. The pipe is usually in parallel with two pipes, that is to say, the water supply pipe and return pipe of each branch are connected through some joints, which is suitable for old houses and hardbound houses.

The heating pipeline shall be in the concealed positions such as skirting line, internal corner line, ceiling or behind curtains and furniture. It shall be horizontal and vertical, without excavation or backfilling, which will not affect the original decoration basically, simple and beautiful. In particular, the ready to use super suitable for office workers, half an hour can reach the preset temperature, the key to the ground materials also have no requirements, businesses according to the actual decoration situation of the owners to design an optimal plan for construction.

Installation process of surface mounted radiator

The installation of surface mounted radiator is convenient and the construction period is short. Generally, the installation of a 100 ㎡ house is completed in one day. The installation process is as follows:

01 laying pipeline

The pipeline laying shall be determined according to the installation position designed in advance. The pipeline laying is generally in the concealed places such as ceiling and skirting. The laying of exposed pipes shall not affect the indoor decoration or occupy too much space as far as possible.

02 installing the radiator

During the installation of radiator, the radiator shall be placed stably, and the level gauge shall be used for measurement to see whether the installation is stable, and then the valve connector shall be connected with the inlet and outlet valves. After the inspection is correct, the pipe tongs shall be used for reinforcement.

03 installation of wall hanging furnace

The installation of wall mounted furnace shall be separated from the open line and electrical equipment, and inflammable and explosive materials shall not be placed around it. Specifically, the distance between wall mounted furnace and gas meter and gas stove shall be more than 750px.

04 pressure test and acceptance

The pressure test and acceptance construction personnel have no running, emitting, leaking, dripping and other phenomena during the stamping test of the pipeline, which can be accepted after the inspection and confirmation of the customer.

Precautions for installation of surface mounted radiator

1. Determine the location of the circuit and avoid the circuit during construction, because the radiator may involve drilling holes in the wall and other construction. If the location of the circuit cannot be determined, it is likely to cause problems.

2. Determine the location of the radiator, determine where the radiator is installed, the heating effect is the best, the beauty is the best, and the safety performance is the best; it is recommended to install it under the window as far as possible, because the heating air is upward, so as to facilitate the hot air circulation.

3. During the installation of radiator, it should be noted that safety and airtight are the key points, and there must be no water leakage.

4. If the radiator can be installed with short film, it will be uneasy with long film, which is convenient for hot water circulation.

5. Heating belongs to durable consumer goods, with long replacement cycle, trouble replacement and serious consequences caused by problems. Therefore, it is necessary to select reliable brands, including valves, water pipes and other accessories; in addition, it is also important to select a good heating and ventilation company.