There is a kind of warmth called surface mounted radiator

Autumn rain and cold

For Chongqing people without spring and Autumn

In the rhythm of winter,

I can only wrap myself in the quilt and shiver awkwardly,

I watched the northern people wearing short sleeves at home.

At this time, there is no need to envy, envy or hate,

Because, you can choose a new heating device

Surface mounted radiator

What is a Ming radiator?

Open mounted radiator is a kind of open mounted technology of radiator. The radiator is installed on the surface of the wall to avoid slotting on the wall to damage the floor tiles and floor of the open mounted radiator, especially suitable for the decorated and occupied houses. So, what are the advantages of surface heating? Let's take a look:

1. No need to damage the existing decoration

The surface mounted radiator does not need to damage the ground, and does not need to be slotted on the wall. Only the heating pipe is laid on the wall, ceiling and other places, so it will not damage the original home decoration.

2. Easy to install

The installation period of radiator is short, and the general house type can be completed in 2-3 days. Due to the short construction time, only in a small range of construction, will not affect the normal life of users.

3. Good heating effect

The heating radiation of the surface mounted radiator is even, which can keep the indoor constant temperature and not dry. It is especially suitable for the elderly and children with high air quality requirements. Avoid air conditioning problems caused by uneven heat and cold.

4. Low maintenance cost

The maintenance and repair of surface mounted radiators are more convenient: because all the pipes of surface mounted radiators are exposed indoors, in the later maintenance and repair, it is easy to find the crux of the problem without chiseling walls and breaking walls.

5. Safer heating

Families with children and the elderly may be afraid of scalding. In fact, the temperature of the radiator can be adjusted flexibly according to the body feeling, even if it is touched, it will not burn people. Compared with electric products such as electric blanket, electric heater and air conditioner, there is no risk of electric leakage and electric shock.