Brand introduction


        HonnenBarr has fully introduced the German steel plate radiator production line and fully automatic spraying production line. YL-701 and YL-702 non-phosphorus liquid are recommended by the ministries of environmental protection of various countries by the surface phosphorus-free coating process. After the certification of VOC, ROTH, SGS and ISO9000, the products produced have no irritating odor and heavy metal pollution, and are in the leading level in the same industry.Products are available in the United States, Japan, Germany, Korea, Czech Republic and other countries. Large-scale engineering customers include Siemens, Panasonic, Azibel, Rexroth, Sanmei and other well-known enterprises. Radiator steel plate thickness of 1.2 mm, its unique convection vane design, can increase about three times the heat dissipation area, so that products more energy-saving, more efficient, warmer

1882    Schorch GmbH of Germany was born to produce high-pressure mechanical equipment and driving equipment;

1962    Put into production the first fully automatic steel plate radiator production line named after Schorch of Germany;

1993    Honnen Barr, a German brand owned by Schorch, was exported to Dalian, China for the first time;

1998    Set up import and export trade company in China to build logistics and storage base;

2011    China headquarters of honnenbarr successfully won the bid for zone a of MCC Dalian international business city;

2014    German honnen Barr's steel plate radiator won the "product Gold Award" issued by heating radiator Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association;

2017    German honnenbarr technicians were invited to participate in the revision of Chinese industry standard steel plate radiator jg2-2007;

2018    Honnen Barr has obtained the world-renowned Lloyd's register of quality;

2019    Honnenbarr China headquarters successfully won the bid for Wanda Plaza Project in Suzhou.