The characteristics of the Germany HonnenBarr steel plate radiator

1. German automatic production line;

2. Using high quality cold rolled low carbon steel as raw material;

3. Safe and durable, long service life (10-year warranty);

4. A variety of product specifications can be selected to meet the needs of different house types;

3. The thickness of radiator steel plate is 1.2mm, which is 20% more than other products of the same type;

4. Compared with the traditional radiator, the heat dissipation is larger and faster;

5. Under the condition of the same heat dissipation, the water consumption is only 1 / 6 of the traditional radiator, which can be used 

Households save a lot of water resources and energy;

6. In addition to the external surface area of the water flowing part, the convective sheet with an area of about three times is increased,

Compared with other radiators, it has more energy-saving advantages in structure;

7. It can be hung on both sides, and the hook can be packaged independently to reduce scratch and loss;

8. Won the gold quality award for industrial products and the environmental protection science and technology award of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development;

9. Industry standard setter, industry standing council unit, China Life Insurance.